The Fabric of Fieldwork, 2012.
With anthropologist/painter Susan Ossman

Installation, Dimensions variable.

The wall installations took the powerful catchphrases out of context and stitched them into a form of poetry. While the dissonant slogans disrupted the rhythm of the poem, the inclusion of endnotes upset its linguistic structure, giving rise to a new form of poetry.

“[A] recessed space filled with television antennae […] [where] [t]he rows of pristine yet somewhat archaic, silver antennae point at the viewer in an insistent, even hostile gesture, reminiscent of mid-twentieth century, low budget sci-fi mind-control weapons. The audio recording, which is a pastiche of advertising messages read out in the style of BBC news announcer emitting from within the space, reinforces the text printed on the two opposing walls.”

“[O]ne gets the impression that […] the message itself [i]s a powerful agent making serious inroads into contemporary cultural and personal notions of identity – far beyond the commercial interests of the fashion industry. It is interesting to note that the real punch of a piece concerning itself with the construction of image is delivered in text.”

Natalia Zagorska- Thomas (2014)

Apr – Jun 2012, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, UK.

Photo: Nigel Tribbeck