Game On: The World Fashion Conquest, 2006.

(W) 380cm x (H) 280cm x (L) 280cm
Digital printed cotton canvas, compressed T-shirts, dice, dice cup.

An installation exploring how cities exploit fashion week to achieve varied objectives beyond serving the fashion industry.

A giant game board, a catwalk with a map on the runway, highlights the 85 cities that host a fashion week.

Inspired by the world domination game ‘Risk’, this interactive installation encourages viewers to play in order to learn about the motives behind organising a fashion week. Do fashion weeks create a unique fashion identity for a city or does the indigenous culture become indistinguishable from other cities that host fashion weeks?

Are cities a slave to fashion or do cities enslave fashion to serve their own objectives?

Nov – Dec 2006; EXIBIT, London, UK.

Photo: Paul Burroughs