National Dress, 2007-13.

Installation, Dimensions variable.
Polyester flags, embroidery, wooden poles.

Built on the project, Fusionable Cheongsam (2007), the work was derived from the revolution of the Chinese dress in early 20th century China through which issues of nationalism, Chinese identities, femininity, perception and reception of China were raised.

National Dress “questions the cultural images of the cheongsam and at the same time, acts as a mirror reflecting the image of China as seen through the eyes of the West. […] The Maoist flag, the material used for the cheongsam […] carries within itself an echo of China as the anti-Western communist opponent, as well as connotations of subservience and oppositions. […] [T]he installation traverses fusions and hybridities at historical and cultural level, and implicitly reconfigures issues of authenticity, national identity, exoticism.”

Flavia Loscialpo (2012)

Mar – Oct 2013, Danson House, Bexleyheath Trust, UK; Apr – Jul 2012, Plymouth Amphitheatre (outdoor installation), Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, UK; Jan 2011, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK.