Holy Chic

Photo: Michael Gordon

Holy Chic, 2016.

Installation, Dimensions variable.

(H) 43 x (L) 72 cm, latter cut perspex, etching.

Our social settings sanction religious belief. We seek individual meaning through existential questions to which religion offers answers and comfort. Can similar vein be seen when we seek social and spiritual salvation through fashion? What happens when fashion and religion collide? To many, fashion is religion. It demands a stern system of faith and belief. Aren’t religious practices and the rituals of a catwalk performed in similar sequestered places, in comparative set sequence? Holy Chic toys with the interchange between fashion and religion. Text-based work and installation juxtaposing religious setting are staged in a Grade II listed Dominican church in the North-East of England.

May – Jul 2016; part of The Late Shows 2016; Saint Dominic’s Priory Church, Newcastle upon Tyne